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MotusMotus Financial, located in Madison WI provides credit card processing services. Locally owned and operated Motus Financial provides a complete suite of services to assist merchants in processing payments from credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Motus Financial can also provide a customized gift card program for your business.

Motus Financial was founded on a few key principles:

·     Provide local service and support that customers deserve

·     Fair pricing and terms

·     Business partner you can trust

Why Motus:
Motus is the Latin word for motion and movement. Motus Financial was created in order to help our clients move away from stale industry practices and antiquated solutions. Motus represents a new way and a new opportunity to remember what leadership and service are all about.

By moving forward with Motus Financial, clients will:

  • be supported by some of most experienced and trusted professionals in the country
  • have access to cutting edge technology, improving efficiency and data analytics; and
  • have local, front-line support for any issue which may arise

Motus Financial has partnered with some of the most cutting-edge organizations in the industry in order to deliver a modern client experience, with Cloud-based resources and industry-leading feature functionality.

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